Customize Soundglide to fit your business needs – Click To Call Software – Call Buttons & Widgets

Customize Soundglide to fit your business needs

Sound Glide is a completely customizable widget that you can design and format to fit your business needs. 


You can set up the call options by department or by customer needs. For example if you are trying to attract new customers, you can set up a department as business development or simply have the button say Get A quote. So potential customers know they can click on that button to talk with someone and get an instant quote.  


If you want a more personal touch you can personalize your departments and add images of your representatives and add their names as well.


The background colors, button colors and text can be color coded to match your website design. So that the widget completely integrates fluidly with your website. 


The click to call button can be positioned in different places on your website. And the text of the button itself can be changed to optimize the conversion rates.