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See how Internet Leads US uses Soundglide.

How Internet Leads Us uses Soundglide



Internet Leads Us is an internet marketing company that specializes in online lead generation. 

Their customers need to reach them quickly and efficiently to find out how their lead generation is going, how their conversion rates are for the week, and  the number of new customers they obtained weekly. 


Internet Leads Us used to use a tired old IVR system, with the typical phone tree. Their customers complained about the time lag in reaching the right department and the nuisance it was to speak to various reps to get to the correct person they needed to talk with. 


So Internet Leads Us switched to using Soundglide’s simple ‘click to call’ widget. They designed the pop up to match their website’s personal look and feel. This way it looks as if the widget was made specifically for their company. They then set up so that users can see each department easily within the pop up. And when a user hovers over the click to call button, they can easily see the different departments to click on. And with a simple click they can call the department they need to reach instantly from their desktop or mobile phone. 


Since switching to Soundglide Internet Leads Us hasn’t looked back. Their customers are happier and their call reps aren’t constantly picking up calls for customers that are not relevant to them.  



Who needs to use Soundglide?



The question should be what businesses don’t need to use Soundglide. Given the range of benefits for the business and the customer, there is no doubt that any modern business that wishes to use the latest in technology for their benefit to maintain a competitive advantage over their competitors would be interested in the app. There are a number of businesses that can benefit from using the Soundglide app. Those businesses include;


        1. Businesses that handle customers directly


Any business model that involves talking directly to customers would benefit from using soundglide widget. With soundglide customers have a better experience. Customer service calls are significantly shortened with the widget, making it easy and convenient for customer to connect with the phone support staff.  


        2. Businesses that need for more leads


Any business that is looking for leads or needs more lead engagement would benefit from using the Soundglide Widget. Internet Leads US, a lead generation company used to use an old IVR system, with the typical phone tree. Their customers complained and they switched to Soundglide’s simple “click to call” widget which has help reduce the number of complaints hence helped them generate more leads.


        3. Businesses with more than one department


Traditional businesses in general have different phone extensions for different departments. Usually when a customer calls they call the phone operator or company reception before they are transferred to the relevant department. Sometimes even within a given department there are different agents dealing with different business products so additional call transfer might be required before the customer is addressed. With Soundglide widget customers can call departments directly instead of pressing one for sales and two for billing. Customers can click on the billing or sales department directly from your website.


          4. B2C businesses


Businesses that sell products directly are businesses that deal directly with customers. This means there is a lot of direct interaction of the business with the customer. The goal for Soundglide widget is to shorten the customer service phone calls by simply embed our widget on the business website to make customer service calls easy and convenient for the customers.


          5. Businesses wanting to scale


Any business that wants to scale needs to utilize the latest technologies for the benefit of their business and their customers. Soundglide is a one call widget utlized by several brands to maintain the competitive advantage through better customer experience.


           6. Businesses with online support


If your business currently offers online phone support, you could scale by using soundglide widget. You can do this by reducing the customer wait/response time hence minimizing on the number of follow up reviews, emails or complaints by handling urgent issues with customers fast.


How Internet Leads us has benefited from Soundglide


             1. Better customer experience 


Customer experience is the impression your customers have of your brand as a whole throughout all aspects of the buyer’s journey. With reduced call wait times Internet Leads US clients have had an initial good first impression. With a good first impression customers have a higher expectation of a better experience throughout their journey with the business.


             2. More leads in business


Internet Leads US have been able to retain and obtain new leads for their clients because of the reduced wait time. Their customers used to complain about the time lag in reaching the right department and the nuisance it was to speak to various reps to get to the correct person they needed to talk with.


             3. Better work experience for staff


A happy employee relates that joy to a customer, hence a happy business eventually. With ease in connection to customers, sales calls have been made easier making inquiries and closing deals more easy for employees. Soundglide Widget is a solution to make the business easier in general for staff.


            4. Simplified business process( Low cost and easy set up)


Soundglide can be used by any service department, not just customer service. You can add other departments like marketing, sales and customer support. Soundglide’s click to call widget allows customers to reach multiple departments. And clients can easily switch between departments, without needing call transfers. This has significantly improved business processes in Internet Leads US. In addition to all this. Soundglide is an easy and low cost set up widget. You get started easily.